2022 will be hot & fun

The first pre-production run is well under way and the first units are nearing completion.

This summer it’s time for some serious road tests & the first demonstration units will be unveiled on private events held in Saint tropez, Monaco, & on Mallorca, Corsica, Sardegna, and Ibiza.

Meet the team, get a test drive and order your fun on wheels!

/EPMay 31, 2022

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Coastrunner EV


We have created yet another exotic concept, the ultimate beach cruiser bringing you from A to Beach or from A to Party, your choice.

The concept was conceived in the summer of 2017. On a beach parking spot on the beautiful island of Corsica (Corse) we found a missing niche market: a modern interpretation of the beach car but this time electric powered and more safe for the crowded roads nowadays.

Its compact and brings 4 seats, no doors and an electric drivetrain in one package. An exotic but simplistic design with a sympathique imago makes it the best way of transportation for any summer hot spot.

We will start selling the Coastrunner in 2020 across Europe, and later on roll out Coastrunners with worldwide homologation coverage.

/EPOctober 10, 2019

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Component Lay out


The Coastrunners are loaded with 2 battery banks located under both the front and rear seats. Therefor resulting in a totally flat floor for easy access and maintenance.

The batteries power the rear wheels through one 50 kW electric motor. Due to the light weight of the total setup this is more than powerful enough for fast acceleration and steep coastal roads.


/EPNovember 20, 2019

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Corse Originals

To honor the original Corse heritage the first 20 units can be ordered with client specific specifications.

Choose your body, chassis and bimini color. Let us know your choice of trim and teak decking. Every Coastrunner can be equipped with options such as a 60L ice crest, surf and wake board brackets etc.

Pre-order your own Coastrunner @ sales@coastrunner.nl


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At the moment we are developing the testing prototypes and putting them through various tests.

In order to ramp up production in the near future we are open to different investment possibilities. We are looking for founding fathers, brand ambassadors who want to own their own Coastrunner and at the same time invest in our future adventures together.

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